Hi, hello

My spooky drawings

I'm no artist but I like doing art things. I can't call it drawings since they rarely leave the sketch or even doodling phase.
But i'll post what I do here! I have some neat things i've 3d printed too, and i'm currently making a little model

"Site assets"


Here are the buttons i've made. I'm gonna have to remake that last one so it's nicer. I just scaled down a screenshot for a quick butt.The others I made manually and I think they look pretty okay!

Here are some others that I like too. The first two are just edits of some basic templates butI changed the color to make it look uh-steh-ticks. The other is spooky

and on the topic of buttons here are some lame ones I made in a second.That's supposed to be a frying pan under the house (get it?)

Here's my profile pic on my youtube page. I redrew an existing, edited emoji. I think it's cute!
More stuff to come!
More stuff to come here too!