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This will be the part where I tell you what i'm doing.

6th post 3/29~4/03/2021
Been so busy preparing and doing midterm stuff. I never do tests well so it's always depressing seeing my grades afterwards

Also had some 3d printer problems and in fixing it made it worse by breaking a fan blade. I'll have to order some replacement parts but who knows when they'll arrive.

I'm making another vid at the moment but what I should be doing is drawing since it's been 5 ever since I've completed anything.

Been working on a kig project though

Does anyone else play GFL by the way? I hate Typhons

Fifth post 2/19~20/2021
I'm not very good at websites but i'm managing. I tried using a seperate CSS page with this new page i'm making (not out yet) but it's going poorly. I threw together a 'my pictures' and 'my vids' page too but they're the worst, will need to make them look less bad sometime.

I've been 3d printing a lot of stuff lately too but the filament i'm trying to finish up is really bad, it can't do overhangs or brims very well and holds together kinda bad. It's almost gone so when I start using something better i'll finally post some pictures

I've also put out a new vid since I last blogged. I was just trying out house flipper for the first time and something weird happened right away!

Fourth post 2/5~6/2021
Okay I said last time I think I found out how CSS stuff works but I lied, but now I think I understand it a bit better.
I've made my main page look a bit better I think with the box-shadow and the staticy image. Tell me what you think in the guest book!
I've also finished my about me page, and there's a new video there too!

It's starting to feel like a lot of my site is finally coming together. Because of school and stuff I might need to slow down for a few days. I'd also like to make a new video when I have time. We'll see what happens!

 Third post 2/3/2021
I think I found out how CSS stuff works now so that's cool. I changed how my front page and a few others looked but you probably won't notice. I'm gonna release another video so I better create a page where you can look at them next

Otherwise things have been good, nothing weirds been happening since this blizzards rolled in so that's cool, I like the snow, it's pretty.

 Second post 1/31/2021
I looked at some other people's sites, everyone else's is really good, even in being bad theirs is better than mine. At the very least I learn something new every time I do something.

Does anyone know any good assets or tutorials? I guess i'll figure it out sometime.

3 AM update: I always watch the guy drop off my newspaper but someone new came at 3 AM, he parked across from my house and got out in the snow to stare at my house for a bit and then left. He wasn't the news paper guy

First post 1/30/2021
Okay so i made my neocities page, there's a lot of stuff I want to put on here so nothing will look very finished, but hopefully there will be enough to keep you entertained! when I do finally put stuff on here.

I have this unwrapped ufo VHS I want to record and post. i'll take a picture when I find it in my pile of VHS tapes

I don't know html very well, but you probably know that. Though I hope the stuff I post will be interesting anyways

By the way do you like the background picture? I like airports, not the flying or going new places. I just like the feeling of airports, especially when they're empty. I like leaving or coming in to airports at like 3 am for this raisin.