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About Me !

Hi, hello.

I'm basically an npc but hopefully one day i'll have an interesting main character personality, for now i'll be Hex Maniac #5393

I always wanted to have a Geocities site but never really decided on what it would be about and eventually missed my chance. Thanks Neocities! I still don't really know what i'm doing but I figure I can find that out as I go, the universe is good at pushing me where I need to be!

I like lots of things, ufos, ghosts, conspiracies, hauntings, the occult, cryptids and more! Which I'll post about >> here (soon (hopefully))

Normal stuff I like are things like tabletop and video games, pokemon, manga/anime, ghosts and other fun computery things also blood pacts.

I'll talk about stuff i'm doing in my blog, I like trying new things out, but as you can tell lately i've been into html

Other things include VR, and 3d printing

_I also like Kigurumi, i'll explain that sometime.

(By the way i've always just saved buttons and pictures since i'm a digital hoarder, if i'm using something of yours just let me know and I can switch it out)

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Forever a level 15 trainer

I enjoy photographs, and places in photographs. I've traveled a lot myself but photos are really good at activating my fightstalgia or flightmoia response.

People always called me a big hipster for my videogame and anime taste but it's not like I like anything bad. Indie scene and streamers now help me look less like a crazy person.

I'm going to make some videos too, maybe you've seen that one on my front page already, but here's another! It's not very good but it was fun to make!
(I have a page for my vids now!)

I'm going to try my best, for real